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 “Short Course Academy”


Dr B has a short course podcast. He talks to experts on short courses, those who’ve successfully set up and run their short course business, and talks technology and development tips.


Featured: Becoming a Short Course Expert

Season 2, Episode 4

About the Short Course Podcast

The Short Course Podcast has been developed to help those interested in setting online courses, short courses, and even their own Institute, College, or University. After 30 years in content and publishing of short courses, including through a range of successful companies he founded, Dr B spills the beans on how to get started, the tech to use, and the secrets of success. Explore an exciting world of short courses, and start your next adventure! 

Latest Episode

Where to Start?

It’s amazing! So many professionals come to me – lawyers, doctors, surgeons, even entrepreneurs – asking how to create their own short courses. Even smart people get stuck. This episode talks about some natural places to start creating a short course and/or a short business – and it’s not what you think! All aboard!

Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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Dr Brendan Moloney

Dr Brendan Moloney

Dr Brendan Moloney has worked as a curriculum writer, lecturer, and entrepreneur. His expertise is setting up universities and writing courses. He have set up multiple universities and written multiple courses for accreditation and for commercial purposes. His clients have included Avis, QuickBooks, ASTM, and many, many universities. 

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