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Brendan is a passionate entrepreneur, innovator, and disrupter. He enjoys helping individuals share their knowledge and enrich themselves. When he’s not working, he loves the beach, reading, and his adorable dog. 

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I’m Dr Brendan Moloney

Welcome again to the Dr B Site. This is a collection of things that I like listening to, reading about, and learning with … Asides from this I do lots of writing, social media, and presentations. So if you want to listen, to read, or to learn more, I’d recommend jumping over to the social media section (Let’s Get Connected), picking up a book from the store, or joining the Short Course Academy. 

Your Success is Unique

Lots of people talk about success. But it has become quite cliche. Is it a big house, big job, big life? Not necessarily. In the past few years, we’ve all been thinking a bit more about what we want in life. To this end, I think success is unique. For some people it’s loads of money. For others, it’s recognition and status in the eyes of their peers. For me, it is more personal. I like independence and freedom. I like the ability to travel and to experience the world. More than that. As an introvert, I love the inner world. That’s where short courses comes in. Little bits of learning can give us insights into ourselves, our lives, and make them richer. That’s pretty successful, if you ask me. 

Success Stories

“Dr Brendan’s guidance was a game-changer for me. Thanks to his expert advice, my short course is now thriving online.”

Ravi Patel

I never thought I could turn my expertise into a profitable online course. Dr. Brendan’s expert advice, my short course is now thriving.”.”

Elena Petrova

"With Dr. Brendan's help, I successfully launched my first short course. His practical tips and expert advice, my short course is now thriving.."

Mei Ling

"Dr. Brendan's mentoring was the boost I needed. Now, my short course is reaching students worldwide, all thanks to his expert advice, my short course is now thriving."

Carlos Martinez

"Creating and selling my short course seemed daunting, but Dr. Brendan made it straightforward. His expert advice, my short course is now thriving truly transformed my approach."

Aisha Khan

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