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For 25 Years, Dr B Has Trained 10,000s of Students Globally

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From Short Courses to Setting Up Universities. 

I have always loved learning. I have always love exploring the world. 

So what better time is there than now?

You may not believe it, but this is the best time to be alive. Never have there been so many options, possibilibities, and opportunities for youl

What I’m talking about is the University of You. 

In the past it was only ‘experts’ or ‘specialists’ who could share their knowledge to the world. And you have to show up to a special place like a university to listen to them. 

Now you can simply switch on a computer, access the internet, and you can listen to the best (and worst) of people around the world. 

This may sound scary to some; even terrifying. But it’s not. 


Because every one has their own perspective. Their own skills. Their own knowledge. 

It’s simply a matter of being brave and having the courage to put yourself ‘out there’ and find your tribe.

I’m often reminded of a quote by Neil Young, the singer. When asked about whether or not he cared or not if someone liked he music, he responded by saying: “just create. No matter how great or dreadful, someone, somewhere will like it”. 

It holds true for short courses. 

Someone, somewhere, needs to hear from you! 

Let me show you what I’ve learnt. And how you can get your message out to the world. 


Why Short Courses?

Why am I interested in short courses? Short courses offer a unique opportunity to delve into a specific topic, gain valuable skills, and expand your knowledge in a short amount of time.

Where Choo From?

I’m from Texas and Melbourne, Australia. Having said that, I have lived around the world: in Canada, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. I love travelling to new places.

What makes you tick?

At various stages of life, different things have made me tick. But some constants are travelling, writing, and learning. At the moment, my beautiful dog is a major focus for me.

Beyond Short Courses

Setting Up Universities

Yes, that’s right. For close to 15 years, I have worked in setting up universities from scratch. 

These universities are usually larger ventures, involve lots of complex processes, projects, and management. It involves working with regulators and accreditation bodies, as well as professional associations. I have even written professional development accreditation standards and built professional development CPD programs. The good news is that setting up online ‘universities’ is a must easier activity than a physical university. You also don’t need to go through accreditation standards or regulations. 

So what’s involved in setting up your own online Institute, Academy, College or University?  Read on and explain a little more.

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So Frustrating, So Many Short Courses

It’s so frustrating … When i look online I see loads of freelancers, information marketers and sales people helping other freelancers to create online courses. 

Don’t get me wrong. I think that (most of) these are great. It’s inspiring and wonderful to hear that people are getting help and becoming successful. 

But at times, these courses are a bit gimmiky. They are focused on simply selling and marketing courses. But you need the product first. You also don’t just want to be a sales machine. Where’s the fun in that? 

Most people including professionals and academics should be worried about missing out on short courses. 

 The future is being written now. And it’s important for you to be a part of that … 


Quality That Matters

The journey of Darlo Technical Writing, from its inception in 2011 to its expansion into the United States in 2020, epitomized dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in technical communication. Empowering mining, engineering, and real estate companies with the knowledge and skills needed for success remained at the heart of their mission.

As Darlo Technical Writing embarked on this exciting new chapter, the company remained resolute in its core values of quality, expertise, and customer-centricity. With a firm focus on continued growth and global impact, Darlo eagerly anticipated the challenges and opportunities the future held, knowing that their journey had only just begun.

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