“I’m here to help teachers, professionals, and academics make money by selling short courses”.

– Dr Brendan Moloney, Founder, Short Course Academy 

Dr. Brendan Moloney knows what it’s like. 

You’re an academic or professional wanting to bust out of your current workload and looking to commercialise your knowledge.

This is where DB can help.   

For 25 years, DB has been a sought after expert in setting up universities and creating courses for some of the world’s largest companies and leading universities. 

As an entrepreneur who has set up many successful companies, Brendan is now offering the secrets and short cuts to help you achieve your goals faster. 

He can help you translate your knowledge into sellable, marketable courses for their audience. 

Dr B’s Short Course Academy helps you master the art of setting up your own institute, college, or online university. He has written several books on Short Courses, has an online membership community where you can receive personalised coaching and advice, and an online Short Course Academy where you can cut to the chase. Learn and build as you go. Here’s to your success!

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Who is Dr B?

For over 25 years, Brendan (aka DB) has worked in academia, entrepreneurship and publishing. He now shows companies and individuals how to set up universities, create their own universities and online academies.  He also consults on short course development to the largest companies in the world. 

What is the Short Course Academy?

The Short Course Academy empowers academics and entrepreneurs to create, market, and sell their expertise through online courses, providing comprehensive resources, templates, and guides for effective and profitable course development.

What Do You Learn?

In the Short Course Academy, you learn to design, market, and sell online courses, leveraging your expertise with comprehensive resources, practical guides, and proven strategies for successful course creation and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to help you create, launch, and grow your online business (and leave your job behind). 


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